How Bambee Works

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Small business owners are far more likely to be sued by an employee than a large corporation is.

Why is this?

Labor laws are complex, and as a business owner, you’re already responsible for enough without having to become an HR expert. When it comes to compliance and employee terminations, many business owners are unfamiliar with the intricacies of federal and state regulations. Not having an HR team to manage these issues can be extremely damaging to your business – a wrongful termination lawsuit can cost over $500,000 in the state of CA.

Small businesses shouldn’t have to risk financial instability with every new hire, and we want to help. Bambee is the first full-service termination and HR compliance solution for small business.

Here’s how our service works:

1. Tell us a little about your business

We’ll help you figure out what needs updating to make sure you’re compliant with state and federal regulations. Tell us details like:

  • Your company size
  • General workplace guidelines
  • What kind of records you currently have for your employees
  • Insight into your business’s current processes for compliance and employee management

2. Meet with your Bambee advisor

Once our team of HR experts identifies any problem points, we’ll give your business the Bambee Prescription. You’ll get a call from one of our HR experts, who will review your information and create a customized plan for bringing your business up to speed.

Specifically, we’ll help you with:

  • Wage and hour compliance
  • Workplace safety
  • Employee conflict resolution
  • Relationships with government institutions & claim management
  • Documentation: Creating or optimizing your employee handbook, making sure your employees have signed arbitration agreements, and more

3. Get the Bambee solution

Our team will guide you every step of the way,  answer every question, and make sure every aspect of your business is in compliance with federal and state regulations. If you’re in need of termination assistance, we’ll help craft a termination meeting script and even stay on the phone during your meeting to make sure you’re completely covered.

Without a dedicated HR team, you’re at risk of being sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars over issues such as wages and hours, workplace safety, workers’ compensation, benefits, wrongful termination, and more. Bambee can help to protect your business from losing time and money to these painful litigation processes.

Get started now by answering a few questions about your business, and let Bambee be your affordable HR solution.

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